Customizing Junior Golf Clubs

By   |   Posted On December 7, 2018


Just a few years back, kid's Golf clubs sets were customized from cutting a portion of the shaft of an adult sized club set. Luckily, people started to realize that by trimming down an adult club's shaft makes it a very rigid club for playing, thus making it hard for children to hit the ball. Now, many golf companies do provide budding new golf players (children) with golf sets designed and customized to their own age and height, and many are even offered at a very reasonable price.

There are actually three main categories, which goes into fitting, and when customizing a Junior Golf set:

The first one is "The Height of the player": If your kid is tall, he generally will have more upright swings. In such case like this, the Golf store will then adjust the "lie" of your kid's golf clubs set. The "lie" is then determined from its angle that the club head extends from the shaft, which is then connected in a hinge like. This hinge will then be slightly closed for younger but taller players.

The second one is "The Arm Length of the player": The arm length indeed is one of the most important factors that determine the actual length of your Kid's shafts. But then of course, we all know that everyone possesses different swing speed, that depends on your kid's size, his/her age, his/her strength, and much more. The average kid golfers are basically suited to own a steel shaft or even a granite shaft.

When you plan to customize a set golf clubs for kids, make sure that you check with your local golf stores and make prices checks as well. Be sure to check your kid's measurements before you make or request for a customized golf clubs.